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Brittany Dewbrew-Hale, MSW, LCSW

Empowering Change One Client at a Time


Over the last ten years I have spent time working closely with anxiety, depression, substance use disorders, trauma, relationship issues, and general struggles with life transitions. What I've found is that they are all connected in some way or another and that there is a close connection with the symptoms of the mind and the symptoms of the body. I'm often asked what treatment modality I use and I'm unable to give a generic answer for that. Each person is so unique and the modality that works well can vary greatly from one client to the next. In sessions I will often pull from CBT, DBT, IFS, and ACT. I also often apply practical skills from my Mind Body Medicine and Food as Medicine certifications. Ultimately, my goal is to walk alongside clients and empower change, encourage healing, and foster connection.

About Me: About Me
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